Katie Daviscourt
May 21, 2021
-The Post Millennial
The Colorado school bus driver, Bertram Jaquez, was arrested on charges of child abuse causing injury, harassment, and third degree assault after he was seen in a video slapping a 10-year-old female student for masking incorrectly, according to KTTV11 News.
The video shows the bus driver approaching the young girl who had her mask beneath her nose because she allegedly gets “sick from masks” and slapping her in the face.
The incident started when students on the bus started yelling at the victim for not properly wearing her mask and ratted her out to the bus driver.
The bus driver confronted the victim and asked her to wear her mask properly, which she refused.
“Out of reaction, I slapped her once,” Jaquez wrote in a written statement to the school district.
The school district immediately put Jaquez on administrative leave after learning of the incident.

“Our school community is experiencing a very unfortunate situation,” a spokesperson for the Fremont County School District said in an email. “We have had a bus driver strike a child over the child not wearing a mask on the bus.”