by Jamie White

June 5, 2021



A Hawaii school principal and his “vaccine supervisor” were served a Cease and Desist letter for attempting to administer the COVID-19 jab to students on campus.

Radford High School principal James Sunday had approved of a vaccine campaign on school campus using a mobility clinic called the “Vax Squad” bus to inoculate the students with Pfizer’s COVID vaccine to students.

Sunday and the “Vax Squad” supervisor named John received the Notice of Liability letter from the Council for Restorative Justice – a parental watchdog group – last month, explaining that they’ve violated a plethora of ethics codes for “unlawfully playing doctor” and failing to adequately provide informed consent.
“In summation for the school campus staff along with ‘Vax Squad Bus’ administers, you are in breach of unlawful conversion of a tax-paying public-school facility licensed for the administering of education, not medication, and turning public school grounds into a medical treatment facility where drugs are being disseminated and inoculations performed,” the letter states.

“You are in breach of not only turning public school grounds into medical treatment centers, but in breach of campaigning to adolescents, minors, youth, underaged children, sons and daughters, ages 17 and under, to receiving medical treatments.”

“You are manipulating the medical decision of a minor, an underaged son or daughter,” the letter continues. “In addition to presenting false and misleading information about medical treatments, you are providing incentives and rewards, and coercive tactics to manipulate the minds of the minor to receiving these so-called ‘vaccines’ without giving full disclosure of all the potential risks of harm including death.”

“It is imperative this program to facilitate the inoculations of the so-called COVID-19 “vaccine” be halted immediately and all decisions to expose any adolescents 17 and under, be arrested immediately,” the letter concludes.

The letter includes a thorough breakdown of the legal, ethical, and constitutional violations brought about by promoting the Vax Squad to students, which can be read in detail below.

Principal Sunday dismissed the group’s concerns when confronted in person, saying simply that the on-campus vaccination campaign was “not my business right now.”