January 4, 2021

-The Western Journal


Donna Perry, who was convicted in 2017 of killing three women 27 years earlier, allegedly claimed to have killed nine women in total.

The criminal — known as Douglas Perry before legally changing his name — is currently serving time at Washington Corrections Center for Women, according to 4W, a feminist publication that is defending women from male predators. In 2021, Perry was reportedly granted a transfer to the women’s facility.

Perry was found guilty of fatally shooting Yolanda Sapp, 26, Nickie Lowe, 34, and Kathleen Brisbois, 38, according to CBS News. Each of their bodies was found stripped naked, or with certain body parts exposed, near the Spokane River.

Under the radar for 10 years, Perry fled to Thailand in 2000 for gender reassignment surgery, according to 4W. In 2012, after Perry had been convicted on a charge of illegal firearm possession, a DNA test connected him to the three murders.

Prosecutors argued that Perry opted for a gender change to avoid suspicion for the killing spree, CBS reported. Perry reportedly blamed his “male” identity for the murders. He claimed his “female” identity was innocent.

During sentencing, media reports seemed to fall in line with Perry by routinely referring to him as a “woman” and using “she/her” pronouns when describing him, according to 4W.

According to the National Review, a former female inmate of Washington Corrections Center for Women alleged she witnessed multiple episodes of sexual assault by convicted transgender felons. The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, claimed she, too, suffered sexual assault by a transgender inmate.

Perry told police in 2012 that he underwent gender reassignment surgery intentionally “as a permanent way to control violence,” according to ABC News. Some researchers and health care providers have argued that gender reassignment surgery can result in better mental health for patients who truly feel they are the opposite gender, which may, in turn, prevent them from acting out in violence.

However, Perry’s claim that males who transition experience a “downturn in violence” after identifying as women was challenged by Swedish researchers in 2011. The 30-year study concluded that trans-identifying males who undergo a full surgical transition “retained a male pattern regarding criminality.” Similarly, a 2018 study presented in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found, “Testosterone therapy was not associated with an increase in levels of aggression in transgender men or a decrease in aggressive behavior in transgender women on antiandrogen and estrogen therapy, but other psychological and/or social factors, such as anxiety levels, appear to contribute to self-reported aggression in transgender people.”

This is not just another institutional problem. When institutional absurdities abound, it signals a deeper societal problem. Our country, it seems, is rotting from the inside out.

The great Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” When a society values the safety of one prisoner, in this case, Perry, over the safety of vulnerable women by placing a serial killer in the same facility with them, it speaks volumes about where American society is at the present. America is suffering from more than one pandemic. There’s COVID-19 and there’s the lack of morality driven by a willful suppression of common sense.

Let hope the latter isn’t a sickness unto death.

The Washington State Department of Corrections has “established procedures to ensure equitable treatment of transgender, intersex, and/or gender non-conforming individuals when conducting intake screening and determining housing classification, programming, and supervision. If they identify as transgender, intersex, and/or gender non-conforming, they are evaluated appropriately per this policy,” according to Meaww.

This is the kind of gobbledygook that is undermining the American way of life. Prisoners are running the prisons by creating false realities. It’s happening outside the prison walls as well.

Take the well-known case of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. After swimming for years on the men’s team at the University of Pennsylvania, then-Will Thomas decided that he was a she, and, after some testosterone suppression, was allowed to swim for the women’s team where he proceeded to break records left and right. It’s hard to say who is more delusional here: the “female” record-breaking male swimmer or the university administrators who allow him a free pass.

Is Perry conning the DOC because they are allowing it? He could if he wanted to. Shame on prisons administrators, woke educators and anybody else who is complicit in orchestrating the death of Western society.

The country has been divided for too long. Division is the tool of those who would see America destroyed. Transgender madness can be seen as an opportunity to find common ground. Men and women, regardless of their differences, boys and girls, can now come together. Anyone with eyes to see can see that men posing as women are a danger to society. What can be worse than locking a man convicted of killing women with women in a prison? What can be more unfair than boys dominating girls’ ports? What could not go wrong with boys in the girls’ bathroom? The insanity must end.

It feels like there are evil forces attempting to erase the category “female” from society. Promoting gender theory in our public schools, transgender athletes in high school sports and male sexual predators in women’s prisons is not only flirting with disaster, it is coaxing it in.

When a society fails to come together to protect women — no matter the political creed or philosophical bent — it is a pretty safe bet that the society is on the road to perdition. Americans need to put our differences aside and rally around the flag of common sense. Let’s come together and defend our country and the women who call it home.