September 1, 2021

-Big League Politics


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has released an op/ed in the Washington Times defending her position vetoing legislation protecting her state from onerous vaccine mandates.

Noem declared that she is just standing up for limited government values by refusing to protect the individual rights of South Dakotans from vaccine mandates dictated by their employers.

“We are now seeing a battle in the Republican Party between the populist wing and traditional limited government conservatism. Some so-called conservatives want to regulate businesses to prevent them from requiring a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment. Still, my beliefs do not allow me to waive the constitution because I disagree with a private business,” she wrote.

However, there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prevents a state from exercising their right to protect their citizens from invasive restrictions that harm their liberty. Private business is regulated all the time in various forms across the country at every level of government. Noem is deliberately misrepresenting the facts of the matter as she shills for mandatory vaccines.

“As an emergency unfolds, many will insist that “somebody should do something,” and governments, eager to pass laws and hire people with weapons to enforce them, step in. It’s up to pro-liberty conservatives to stand on principle and to stand up to government mandates,” she said.

The only government mandates are coming from the Biden regime desperate to force vaccines into as many Americans as possible before the side-effects can be truly realized. There is a billion-dollar propaganda push for the vaccine regime coming directly from the federal government. This is the agenda that Noem lacks the courage to stand up against, and then she hides behind limited government dogma in an attempt to shirk responsibility for her own derelict actions.

“I don’t believe that a business should require proof of vaccination to work there, and as a former business owner, I would not have imposed such a requirement on my employees. But my personal beliefs are irrelevant when it comes to the state’s role in what a business may or may not choose to do.  Government should not exercise its power to force a small business to agree with me,” she wrote.

This is the type of mindset that has allowed Democrats to dominate every cultural institution across the country. When Republicans like Noem refuse to wield power because the business interests bankrolling them tell them it is off limits, this does not stop the Democrats from wielding that same power. In fact, it emboldens them because Republicans refused to take measures that may have slowed down the Democrats or halted their momentum in destroying the country.

Big League Politics has reported on Noem’s refusal to stand up to the totalitarian Left, including when she refused to protect girls’ sports from the transgender menace because her Chamber of Commerce paymasters put their foot down:

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has effectively bowed to the LGBT agenda, gutting legislation that would protect athletes from the ongoing transgender invasion of sports.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) issued a press release exposing Noem for surrendering to LGBT insanity in female athletics.

Today, Gov. Noem proposed changes to House Bill 1217 that would eliminate protections for female college athletes outright and gut the ability for all women and girls to have recourse against unfair policies in women’s sports,” wrote ADF General Counsel Kristen Waggoner.

“Her misguided attempt to play politics and placate national corporate interests like Amazon is not what we would have expected from this governor. It’s surprising that Gov. Noem, who once stood up to special interests and corporate woke-ism, has now bowed to them,” she continued…

Noem’s colleagues in the Republican Party are calling out her proposed changes as well, noting that they would effectively render the reform meaningless. 

“The recommended changes will substantially change the content of the bill. The legality was removed, which leaves the bill with a very weak authority. Removing the collegiate is simply saying that biology matters in high school, but not in college,” said Senator Maggie Sutton of Sioux Falls, who was the lead sponsor of the bill in the Senate.

Rep. Rhonda Milstead of Hartford, who introduced the bill in the House, has noted that Noem likely violated the state constitution with her statements.

“It is overreaching by trying to legislate law as the executive branch,” Milstead said.

Noem has turned out to be among the worst the Republican Party has to offer. Her craven lack of leadership has emboldened the Democrats, and she is dead on arrival as a national political contender as a direct result of her own failure.