From: National Defence

Published:February 13, 2022

-Government of Canada



February 13, 2022 – Ottawa, Canada – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

“The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) does not condone its members supporting and/or actively taking part in causes that jeopardize the apolitical imperative associated with their functions. I expect our members to act in ways that demonstrate Canadian Armed Forces values and ethics, and to uphold them both on and off duty.

“This has been clearly communicated to our members through the CANSOFCOM chain of command.

“I have recently been advised of allegations that at least three CANSOFCOM members have been, in some form or another, supporting the ongoing protests in Ottawa.

“If the allegations are accurate, this is wrong and it goes against CAF values and ethics. The following actions are specific to each case:

“On February 1, 2022, CANSOFCOM senior leadership was made aware of a case allegedly involving one of its members. The member is already in the process of being released from the Canadian Armed Forces.  That said, a unit disciplinary investigation that includes this allegation was launched by the chain of command.

“On February 10, 2022, CANSOFCOM senior leadership was made aware of allegations involving two other members. One of the alleged members, who is from CANSOFCOM, is also in the process of being released from the Canadian Armed Forces. Regardless, on 10 February 2022, I ordered that an investigation be initiated.

“The other member in question is not a CANSOFCOM member.  We have therefore notified that individual’s leadership so that it may proceed accordingly.

“If there are any other allegations attributed to our members, the chain of command will investigate each case and take appropriate decisions/actions.

“Leadership and culture are and have always been critical aspects of focus for all members of CANSOFCOM and we are committed to a professional, effective and ethical force that can make all Canadians proud.”

Major-General Steve Boivin
Commander, Canadian Special Operations Forces Command