October 1, 2021

-Western Standard


A Calgary nurse — who became extremely stressed after working countless hours in the ICU with COVID-19 patients — has died from a drug overdose.

Without mentioning her name or giving a cause of death, Alberta Health Services head Dr. Verna Yui announced the passing on Thursday.

But the nurse did have a name, relatives confirmed it was Season Foremsky. And her last Facebooks posts dealt with the anguish she was going through while working at the South Calgary Health Campus.

The Western Standard has decided not to edit her words.

“February 2020 I began taking calls about COVID by March we had our first cases in Calgary. I remember driving to work on a Monday at 8 am and I was the only one on the road. It was eerie,” she wrote of September 17.

“We did ok from the first lockdown up until December. Then lockdown came again and the people started to get angry Yet as I was redeployed to my ICU I continued to do my job despite the conspiracy theories and the people “claiming their rights” were being taken away.

“I got my first vaccine in December, was on AHS TV and couldn’t stomach the disgusting comments people made yet I still gave the best care I could Fast forward to “the best summer ever” as us healthcare workers cried, and we are scared

“We have PTSD, went on medical leave, and even quit because every single one of us saw this wave coming. Now I’m tired I cry before my shifts I have severe anxiety but I still give the best care I can.

“What the public doesn’t know is the scenarios surrounding what I see. I see a daughter say goodbye to her dad after she gave him COVID and I’ve stopped the ventilator. I see a husband and wife die days apart in their 40’s PREVIOUSLY healthy.

“I speak with EMS who say if you get in a car crash a call out time to get to you is 40 minutes and people are dying because EMS is going to unvaccinated people who are short of breath and need an “ambulance “

“The media only portrays the juicy stuff Stop thinking of only yourself I’m not saying get the vaccine I’m saying keep your mask on social distance don’t go out when you are sick And so help me god you block my ambulances from getting into my ER I will run you down Protest anywhere but a hospital you ungrateful f—-“

AHS had even used Foremsky in a vaccine campaign, viedotaping and photograph her being jabbed.

Earlier, on August 12, Foremsky took to Facebook, writing about the pending storm.

“I haven’t ranted in awhile ( maybe a week😂) but here it goes I’m so humbled by the support I see from the community standing behind nurses and for that I’m grateful

“But this isn’t over My gut feelings keep telling me this is literally the calm before the storm I’m not just talking a fourth wave I’m talking society.

“Our healthcare system is on the brink of complete collapse EVERYWHERE Nurses are not tired we are DONE RRT’s are not burnt out they are f—— done EMS, tech, Doctors PCT’s Every healthcare provider are completely defeated.

“I feel like a terrible nurse. I bust my ass 60 hours a week for what? to hear the pandemics over, the vaccines is a poison, covid is a conspiracy, I’m not putting that in my body , and on and on.

“I work consistently short staffed and I mean dangerously short staffed. But yet nothing has changed or if it does they want us to go backwards