By Jesse O’Neill

March 4, 2022

-New York Post


A 22-year-old Ukrainian student abandoned her studies abroad to “kill as many Russians as possible,” in her homeland, according to a report.

Maryna Mazur arrived in Ukraine Thursday after traveling to a Polish border city from Berlin, the Mirror reported.

The business student reportedly said she was compelled to help defend her nation against the unprovoked onslaught from Russia.

“I’m usually a peaceful person who doesn’t want people to get killed, but I have no feelings for people who come to our country and kill our children,” Mazur said, according to the report.

“I know it will be hard to kill. But I am ready to do it.”

The woman, who left Western Europe with her mother, reportedly said returning home to take up arms was “an easy decision.”

“Emotionally I couldn’t just stay safe in my apartment in Germany and drink coffee and go to classes when all of this is going on.”

Mazur told the British outlet she would rather die than abandon Ukraine.

“I am willing to give my life to save others. I will give up my body and soul for freedom. I want to save as many Ukrainian lives as I can,” she reportedly said.

The 22-year-old has no military or firearms experience but said she knows other women that were quickly trained, according to the article.

“Putin is a f–king monster. He’s not a human. My friend’s friends tried to get out of Kyiv on the highway when their car was shot at. The whole family died,” she reportedly said.

“I have no feelings towards the people coming onto our lands, killing our children and people and bombing houses. Let them all die.”

Mazur said she didn’t even know if her family home outside Kyiv was still standing, according to the report.

Two hundred other Ukrainians were waiting to catch a train back home from Poland with the young woman, many of them echoing her thoughts.

“I’m not a hero, this is just life. I don’t want to die, but I’m willing to do it to defend my country,” Igor Matviyko, a butcher who left his wife and daughter in Ireland, told the outlet.