June 13, 2021

-National File


A middle-school teacher in Missouri is out of a job after she was caught on video launching a profane rant at a student who questioned the teacher’s LGBT Unicorn cupcake handout policy. The teacher viciously berated the student who said that he wanted a cupcake for being straight.

The teacher for Springfield Public Schools in Missouri faced consequences after a parental complaint and social media exposure. “The video includes comments that do not meet the professional standards for educators. They are inappropriate and inexcusable,” stated district spokesman Stephen Hall.  “As a result of the district’s internal investigation, SPS has taken appropriate disciplinary actions. While details of personnel matters must remain confidential, our response has followed the guidelines outlined by our board policy and reflects the district’s zero-tolerance for this type of conduct…The employee will not be returning to SPS.” Radio host Nick Reed played the clip and elaborated on the story (starting at -22:00 minute mark in this podcast).

More parents are beginning to wake up to the leftist authoritarian tyranny of school systems nationwide, and parental activism is producing results. For example, concerned parents who stormed a recent Arizona school board meeting have scored a monumental victory: the Vail Unified School District will NOT require children to wear suffocating facemasks in the coming school year, which kicks off in July.

“We appreciate they lifted the mask mandate, but only after what? A year and half of begging and pleading with them to not do this to our kids or to us or to the staff even? This is about the entire community,” parent Anastasia Tsatsakis told the media following a unanimous school board vote to strike down the mask mandate. The public comments session during the school board meeting was overwhelmingly anti-mask, with not a single member of the community speaking on behalf of the dehumanizing slave muzzles.

NATIONAL FILE REPORTED ON APRIL 29: Parents in Vail, Arizona staged a peaceful protest against their school board, railing against the board’s mask mandate for children in the school system. The Face Freedom protesters then convened a vote to elect new school board members, though the mainstream media is trying not to recognize the authority of that citizen vote. This Tucson-area protest could set a precedent for other parents across the nation who are trying to un-mask their children against the deranged whims of government authoritarians.

The righteous parents protested inside an event at the Vail Unified School District school board Tuesday. That school board is keeping its mask mandate for children despite the fact that there is no longer a statewide order compelling them to do so. The outraged parents got their message across. The school board cancelled their meeting that night. The protesters elected an alternate school board, which then dismissed the mask mandate. However, the mainstream media is claiming that the new school board is “unofficial.” Pima County sheriffs’ deputies descended on the scene but the parents would not be intimidated. One of the protesters pressed the officials on “open meeting law” after the school board chose not to hold the meeting.

This scene represents the growing momentum of the Face Freedom movement, which recently staged a “Million Maskless March” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The organizer of that protest, Chris Nelson, is running for Broward County Commissioner. Nelson staged the mega-viral anti-mask “flash mob” at Target, which gave new life to the 1980’s anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister, whose singer Dee Snider disappointingly attacked the Face Freedom protesters for using his song.

Even a recent CDC report totally destroyed the case for mask mandates. As NATIONAL FILE reported: The CDC claims that between March 1 and December 31 of 2020 the mask mandates, which were executed in the vast majority of United States counties, stopped COVID case growth rates by one half of one percent after 20 days and by less than 2 percent after 100 days.