June 11, 2021

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After due deliberation, the 12 Democrats sought a “clarification” from Omar. This story by Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s Ron Kampeas provides the background. Punchbowl News reported yesterday that “there were two statements drafted by this group — a ‘harsh’ and a ‘less harsh’ alternative. The ‘less harsh’ statement was eventually issued….” Big mistake.

In response to the statement issued by Rep. Sherman and the 11 co-signers, Omar “clarified” her tweet.

In her original tweet Omar declared the United States and Israel guilty of “unthinkable atrocities” along with Hamas and the Taliban. Although she holds herself out as supporting adjudication before some fact-finding body, Omar has already found the named parties guilty.

Omar has perfected the art of victimhood. It is the approach that has served her so well in fending off inquiries concerning her fraudulent 2009 marriage to her brother (Ahmed Elmi).

In another tweet Wednesday night Omar added that “every time I speak out on human rights I am inundated with death threats” and served up a recording of one such message. She blamed Rep. Mo Brooks, FOX News, and “a political culture — in both parties — that allows and often fuels Islamophobia.”

Omar also derided her 12 Democratic colleagues’ demand for “clarification” as “shameful” and found them guilty of “islamophobic tropes” that she deemed “offensive” as well. They constitute “atrocities” in their own right. Better watch out, guys.

And that’s not all. She can’t take it anymore! “[T]he constant harassment & silencing from the signers of this letter is unbearable.”

Unfortunately, however, she can bear it. Indeed, she revels in it. She is a master of the art. Having been lashed by her wet noodle, Omar’s Democratic critics now declare themselves pleased with her!

And the Democrats’ congressional leadership issued an unusual joint statement celebrating Omar’s “clarification.”

Everything is clarifying in its own way.