Brad Hunter

December 6, 2021

-Toronto Sun


An Islamic State fanatic known as the Tiny Terrorist could spend more than 50 years in an Australian prison after she attacked a Canadian woman behind bars.

According to the Australian Associated Press (AAP), pint-sized fanatic Momena Shoma, 28, has vowed to strike again.

In the most recent incident, Shoma attacked Kailee Mitz of London, Ont. with garden shears. Mitz is awaiting trial for allegedly smuggling meth into Australia. Shoma’s intentions were clear: She wanted to kill Mitz to garner worldwide headlines, police say she admitted.

But Mitz spotted the internet-indoctrinated young Bengali woman coming towards her and used her hands to deflect the slashing. She required several stitches in her thumb.

In 2018, just days after arriving in Melbourne, Shoma stabbed her host in the neck as he slept beside his young daughter.

According to the AAP, Justice Jane Dixon sentenced Shoma to 12 years for her most recent attack at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. She will now have to serve at least 36 years of her 48-year sentence and will be eligible for release in 2054.

The judge noted that a prison deradicalization program only made the death cult devotee more fanatical. And when she’s free, Shoma told cops she’ll be ready to kill for Islamic State.

“If I get released I’ll do it again to let Allah know I’m strict,” she said following the attack she had planned for eight months.

In her cell, she proudly flies the ISIS flag and even her lawyer said her client was not remorseful. In fact, Shoma was proud of the attack. However, he said she could still be rehabilitated.

The judge dismissed that notion and said Shoma’s rehab prospects were “very poor.”

“I consider that the extent of your fanaticism … does not bode well for your long-term prospects of rehabilitation,” Dixon said. “However, I accept that you are still relatively young and that it remains feasible that your views may change over the years ahead.”