Eddie Chau

February 22, 2022

-Toronto Sun


A Toronto Liberal MP appears to believe that horn honking during the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa is a call for Adolf Hitler.

During Monday’s debate on the Emergencies Act invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ya’ara Saks, who represents York Centre, defended the use of the Act to remove protesters from the Parliament Hill area while referring to “honk honk” — a term used on social media to support the trucker convoy — as code for supporting Hitler.

“How many guns need to be seized? How much vitriol do we have to see of ‘honk honk,’ which is a new acronym of ‘Heil Hitler,’” said Saks. “What do we need to see by these protesters on social media?”

According to Urban Dictionary, “honk honk” is a “dog whistle commonly used by neo-Nazis” that’s essentially code for “Heil Hitler.” Its origins come from the “right-wing side of the clown world movement,” with honk honk as the sound from a clown’s nose.

Another definition in Urban Dictionary for “honk honk” refers to the Freedom Convoy.

Many took to social media to criticize Saks for her take. The Liberal MP replied with a Twitter thread, stating, “For those who think that ‘Honk Honk’ is some innocuous joke. I’ll just leave this here.”

Saks cites Gwen Snyder, a self-proclaimed member of Antifa. According to Snyder, it’s “easy to miss Nazi/’alt-right’ signifiers are (sic) if you aren’t swimming in this cesspool all the time.”

Referring to “honk honk,” Synder stated: “‘HH’ phrases like ‘honk honk.’ They mean ‘heil Hitler.’ H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, thus 88. ‘Honk honk’ is associated with the honkler and is often used ‘ironically’ by alt-right trolls.’”

Saks was heavily mocked online.

“You will work for us on our terms delivering our food and Amazon packages and syringes and car parts without complaint because we know what your honking *really* means,” one person tweeted. “That’s why we confiscated your trucks and froze your bank accounts — so you can’t honk your fascism anymore!”

Parliament ultimately voted 185-151 in favour of Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act.