February 1, 2022

-Western Standard


Supplies of food, medicine, needed gas and propane and other supplies have been cut off from truckers protesting at Coutts border in southern Alberta, according to organizers.

But RCMP is denying those reports.

Nick Friesen — a 20-year cross-border trucker and one of the blockade organizers — said arrangements agreed upon in Monday evening negotiations with RCMP were not met and only a small amount of food and supplies was permitted through to the truckers.

“They have completely stopped all deliveries to us as of this morning,” said Friesen.

“They let in some vehicles last night along the 500 (Hwy. 500) but not all of them.”

Friesen said there are truckers in need of medicine and others who will need propane and diesel to keep their trucks warm. Temperatures in Coutts are hovering around -20C with a windchill near -30C.

Organizers retained Calgary lawyers Chad Williamson and Yoav Niv who arrived at the blockade and are in meetings with the truckers.

Friesen said they were expecting RCMP negotiators by 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, but have yet to hear from them.

RCMP Cpl. Curtis Peters told the Western Standard the truckers’ claims are false.

“Last night protestors requested some supporters be allowed in with supplies for them,” Peters said in a statement.

“We allowed that to take place as part of negotiations. Protesters, in turn, did not follow through on agreements that they had provided to RCMP.”

Peters said the protesters are “well fed and watered” and said the safety and well-being of the protestors is their top priority.