Spencer Fernando

August 18, 2021

-Spencer Fernando News&Commentary


In serious times, Canada can’t afford someone who completely lacks depth.

This column will be a rant.

Yes, some people likely feel much of what I write is a rant, but this will be even more of a rant than usual.

The topic?

Justin Trudeau’s use of the terms ‘she-cession’ and ‘she-covery.’

It’s his pathetic attempt to try and win the votes of women by acting as if only women have been impacted economically, and talking down to women as if they are children.

It’s similar to how we’ve seen some people say that women were ‘impacted most’ by covid, despite more men actually dying from it.

It’s the same divisive, gender-obsessed BS that you would expect from some naïve activist at university, not from a leader of a G7 nation.

But this is who Justin Trudeau is:

“Trudeau says Canadians need to “counter the ‘she-cession’ and turn it into a ‘she-covery’.””

Anyone who falls for that rhetoric – if you can even call it that – is a fool.

Anyone who thinks that this is how leaders talk is also a fool.

Trudeau could not possibly come across as any less serious here.

Now, this isn’t to say that leaders shouldn’t have a sense of humour.

Being able to joke around and not take everything seriously is important.

But note how Trudeau is – ironically – 100% serious as he rattles off those hilarious phrases of ‘she-cession’ and ‘she-covery.’

He’s entirely serious about his unseriousness.

A dangerous world needs serious leaders

Look around the world right now:


Rampant deficits.

Draconian restrictions on freedom.

A debacle in Afghanistan.

An emboldened China.

Democracies on the defensive.

Freedom under assault.

A new era of ‘Great Power’ competition.

All of these require seriousness, and strength.

Strength of character.

Strength of values.

The strength to see the world as it is, not as we wish it was in some fantasy.

Trudeau lacks all of that.

And in that way, Trudeau is sadly representative of much of the Western world.

Our society has become unserious

Whether from our material success, our insulation from direct conflict and violence, a demoralization campaign from neo-communists seeking to undermine liberal capitalism, or most likely a combination of all those things, western countries like Canada are becoming increasingly weak, decadent, and lacking in any sense of seriousness.

We can see it in the militaries of Canada, the US, and our allies, where top leaders are now most concerned with political-correctness, being ‘sensitive & woke,’ and hitting quotas, rather than the actual core function of the military:

Training people to effectively kill other human beings to defend the interests of their country.

Many will see that as ‘harsh’ or ‘mean,’ but that is precisely the problem with our society.

So many people have become insulated from real life, insulated from what it takes to build and then defend a country, and insulated from the fact that violence – or the credible threat of violence – is what maintains the peace we currently enjoy.

This is the brutally harsh lesson that is being learned in Afghanistan.

In the pure calculus of power, it doesn’t matter that the Taliban is ‘ruthless & mean.’

It doesn’t matter that they treat people horribly.

It doesn’t matter that the West tried to prop up ‘progressives’ in Afghanistan for 20 years.

What matters is that the Taliban has the men willing to use violence to achieve their goals, and that they were more organized, more committed, and more relentless than their opponents.

The same is true – in a different way of course – even in democratic states.

Why are politicians able to shut down businesses on a whim?

Why can they take away freedoms?

Why can they impose their will on the rest of us?

Is it because of the courts?

Is it because of the constitution?

Not really.

It’s because of the implicit threat of force behind what the government does.

At the end of the day, the government can send armed people to your home, those armed people can grab you, put you in a vehicle, and then force you into a small room and lock you in that room.

That is where the power of any government really stems from, and whether a country is ‘free’ or not really depends on how many steps the government has to go through before they can directly impose that power on you.

The danger of losing our capacity for violence

When I talk about our capacity for violence, I’m not saying we should all be violent people.

That wouldn’t work out well.

The ‘capacity’ for violence, and being violent are two very different things.

Particularly for men, being physically strong ironically makes it easier to be a truly good person, because being kind to people becomes a choice, rather than a defensive obligation borne from weakness.

The same is true for a society or a country.

The West certainly helped protect many ‘nice’ and ‘good’ and ‘progressive’ people in Afghanistan, but without those people having a credible capacity for violence, they lost to those who did (the Taliban).

In Canada, the more our country embraces wokeness and political correctness, and the more we seek to purge so-called ‘toxic masculinity,’ the more weak our entire nation, and even our armed forces will become.

The fact is, no country can be defended unless it has a large number of physically adept men with a capacity for violence, and certain level of aggression, combined with feelings of Patriotism and a willingness to fight for their country.

Do you think Canada has enough of that today?

People look back on the past as if we won World War Two by being ‘nicer,’ when the reality is we won by building a gargantuan amount of weapons, putting those weapons into the hands of our troops, who then aimed those weapons at other human beings and violently tore enough of those human beings apart to force the surrender of the enemy.



And necessary at the time.

If we forget this lesson, and if we think that weak & pathetic ‘leaders’ who talk about ‘she-cessions’ and ‘she-covery’s’ have any business leading our nation, then we will unfortunately deserve the punishment we get when the strong dominate the weak.

And, if we re-elect Justin Trudeau, we will be sending the message that our country has chosen a full descent into the status of being a weak and pathetic joke.