Angela Stelmakowich

Published: November 3, 2021

-The Growth Op


Emjay has come up with an innovative way to ease the sting for passengers of recently cancelled American Airlines flights: have a free joint and get flying.

According to CNN, the airline began cancelling flights last week and added another 250 to the list that had been scheduled for this past Monday. From last Friday through Monday, the tally of grounded flights represented about 10 per cent of the airline’s mainline flights.

The company cited the cancellations were meant to counter “scheduling certainty for our crews” after bad weather in major air travel hubs left flight crews out of position, CNN reported.

The groundings were a downer, for sure. But Los Angeles-based Emjay, a cannabis delivery and retail company, tried to provide a bit of a lift for disappointed travellers by offering the affected American Airlines passengers a free joint.

In a post, which was provided to The GrowthOp, Emjay CEO Chris Vaughn encouraged affected customers to “enjoy travelling without moving.”

Relieving the stress associated with rescheduling air travel was close at hand, Vaughn suggested. “I invite any adult within our California service areas to share proof that your flight has been cancelled by American Airlines this week, and we will provide you with a credit for a delicious joint packed with some of the best bud we offer!” he said in the post.

Being a frequent (plane) flyer himself, Vaughn said he understood the stress of having to do everything over again. That said, “we at weed delivery service Emjay know a thing or two about stress relief,” he quipped.

Anyone who qualifies and is interested are asked to share their proof and receive a voucher by emailing with the subject line “Take Flight.”

The free joint was an inventive way to both reward irked passengers and draw attention to the company, which has proved it knows how to get that done.

Earlier this year, Emjay announced that it was hiring an intern for three months to test and review some of the 600-plus products that the company sells.

But perhaps there was no more interesting approach to marketing than New York City-based Securitech, which demonstrated the effectiveness of its multi-point lock by releasing a surveillance video of wannabe cannabis thieves using a half-ton truck to repeatedly ram a store door, but, ultimately, failing to gain entry.