Published: August 30, 2021

-Western Standard


Alberta UCP MLA Angela Pitt says she has proposed legislation within the caucus that would ban discrimination based on people’s vaccine status and personal health records.

In an e-mail from Pitt, obtained by the Western Standard, the Airdrie-East MLA wrote to a constituent: “I have proposed we put forth legislation that prohibits discrimination based on private, personal health records.”

Pitt was questioned by the presumed constituent about what she and the Alberta government would do about sports teams and businesses in the province requiring vaccine passports.

“Our government has already passed legislation to prevent mandatory vaccination in Alberta, and the premier has clearly stated our government will not adopt or facilitate vaccine passports,” she wrote.

“However, as we have seen in this past week, the Town of Banff is moving ahead with a policy to terminate the employment of workers who refuse to hand over their private medical records and prove their vaccination status. Meanwhile, the Calgary Flames plan to deny employment to workers based on vaccination status and prevent the public from attending events based on the same.”

“I believe we need to send a clear message to the public and employers that such measures are unnecessary and deeply divisive to our province’s social fabric. We must make it clear that we will not allow folks to lose their jobs during these difficult times, nor will we allow any segment of society to be treated as second-class citizens.”

“As such, I have proposed we put forth legislation that prohibits discrimination based on private, personal health records.”

The e-mail from Pitt comes as forced vaccine passports continues to be a major issue in the federal election, even though the major parties all support some form of vaccine passport.

The Airdrie-East MLA attracted considerable media and opposition NDP criticism for her earlier decision not to disclose if she would get vaccinated or not. However the backlash prompted her to issue another statement indicating that while she supports vaccine choice, she would get vaccinated herself.

“It is a fact that no Canadian province has mandated mandatory vaccines, as that is a private personal health-care decision. Ultimately, each individual Canadian needs to make that decision for themselves. While I currently do not fall within any of the eligible groups for vaccination, I fully intend to get vaccinated when my time in line comes.”