Sarah Taylor

March 1, 2022

-The Blaze


A Ukrainian brewery has joined the war effort and has replaced the act of brewing its craft beer with manufacturing Molotov cocktails in an effort to stem the tide of Russian forces.

What are the details?

Pravda brewery in Lviv has begun manufacturing the makeshift bombs in anticipation of the possibility that Russian tanks will begin to roll into the city, according to reports.

Pravda brewery owner Yuriy Zastavny said that he would fight tooth and nail to ensure Ukraine’s victory over Russian invaders.

“We do this because someone has to,” he reasoned. “We have the skills, we went through a street revolution in 2014. We had to make and use Molotov cocktails then.”

Zastavny vowed that he would do everything possible to help win the war.

“I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll win,” he told Fox News on Monday. “We are already winning because we already disrupt[ed] the plans of the crazy dictator. And we will continue to do it, because they are not facing only the Ukrainian Army, but they are facing the army of 40 million people prepared to fight every step.”

He added that his employees gave him the idea to switch over to the manufacturing of firebombs.

“Once we understand what can come through beer — because it’s no time for beer, we need to get other things sorted out – we decided to make Molotov cocktails because we can use bottles, we can use the people, and it was a grassroots idea.”

What else?

One employee described the perfect way to craft the cocktail, telling Agence France-Presse that in order to build a successful homemade firebomb, “you have to wait for the cloth to be well soaked.”

“When it is, that means the Molotov cocktail is ready,” the employee told the news agency as he stuffed a rag into the beer bottle, which was filled with oil and gasoline.

AFP reported that one of the brewery’s favorite beers is called “Putin khuylo” — reportedly translated to “Putin is a dickhead.”

According to reports, military instructors have also been teaching local civilians how to launch the bombs against Russian troops.