By Ben Kesslen

March 10, 2022

-New York Post


Hold my beer!

Ukraine’s army developed a drone to drop Molotov cocktails on its enemies, and one of the beer bottle-turned-weapons was unleashed Thursday.

The small flying drone was developed by the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces and appears to have four blades. Its center console has a spot to hold the Molotov cocktail horizontally before it is remotely deployed.

Photos on Thursday captured the drone dropping a bottle of Chernihivske beer in Kyiv.

Everyday Ukrainians have been using Molotov cocktails in their effort to stave off invading Kremlin forces.

In late February workers at the Pravda brewery in Lviv decided to switch to producing the petrol bombs in anticipation of a further escalation of the war.

Military instructors have been teaching civilians to use Molotov cocktails against the heavily armed Russian troops, and the instructions to build them reportedly have been aired on Ukrainian radio.