Published:May 29, 2021
-Harbingers Daily

Despite the efforts of the previous administration, unethical experiments on preborn babies are continuing, with the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) abandoning its 14-day rule regarding embryo research. This will now allow scientists to grow and develop preborn baby embryos in a lab for longer periods of time.

According to Robin Lovell-Badge, one of those on the ISSCR taskforce that came up with this policy, explained the change on Nature.

He wrote, “Over the past five years, researchers have kept human embryos alive in culture longer than once thought possible and cultured stem cells into structures that model embryos and organs with unprecedented sophistication.

“Perhaps most striking is the creation of animal–human chimaeras by injecting cells from one species into an early-stage embryo from another species. This might enable, for example, a pig to produce a human heart. Other techniques include making eggs and sperm from stem cells, editing genomes and replacing organelles. These approaches could one day help to treat or avoid human disease, and are already improving biological understanding.”