October 15, 2021

-Liberty Daily


The plastic dividers that separate students and teachers in some schools across the nation are placebos. They offer absolutely zero protection against spreading Covid-19, though the do offer a sense of draconian control that authoritarians in public education crave.

One such authoritarian allegedly took the news of his elementary school’s reversal on the Covid barrier policy very seriously. He was so distraught over the issue that he was allegedly overheard threatening to shoot school officials as well as to spread Covid-19 as widely as possible if he ever contracted it.

According to BizPacReview:

A Pennsylvania elementary school teacher was arrested last Friday after a cafeteria worker reportedly overheard him threatening to shoot school officials for the supposed crime of having removed a plastic COVID barrier from his classroom.

Sinking Spring Elementary School teacher Chad Gerrick, 50, got so mad at school officials for removing the barrier that he allegedly threatened to “shoot all them f–kers” who work at the school district’s headquarters, according to York station WPMT.

He also reportedly threatened to “come to school and spread COVID to everyone I can” if he caught the virus now that the useless COVID barrier had been removed.

“The worker who claimed to have heard Gerrick make the statements reported the incident to school administration and submitted a written account of her recollection. She said Gerrick made the statements Friday morning,” according to WPMT.

Gerrick reportedly faces one misdemeanor count of terroristic threats.

There are plenty of reasons for parents to pull their children out of schools. Deranged teachers are among them. Pandemic Panic Theater is putting millions of Americans into a state of mental disarray.