Sofia Chegodaeva

November 9, 2021



The item will be available in black, red, green and yellow and will be priced at $40.66.

United Colors of Benetton has unveiled a series of unisex hijabs.

The firm created it in collaboration with Italian rapper Ghali Amdouni as part of his Ghali collection.

“The hijab is a unique garment that I wanted very much. There was no resistance from the company to include it in the collection. When I was a child, I was bullied at school, there was no one to represent me, while now it is normality. I am tired of hearing how everything Arab or Tunisian is associated with something negative. When I was little, my mother was afraid that I would go out with my Arab companions, she preferred that I have Italian friends. Now I think it is important to say that this diversity is an added value, it is what makes me unique,” the rapper reportedly said.

He posed in a hijab for his 1.6-million audience on Instagram.


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The hijab will be available in black, red, green and yellow for $40.66.

Photos of the accessory were shared online.

The idea of a unisex hijab has provoked a mixed response from netizens.

Some of them used it as a source of inspiration to create memes…

[In the 80s it was fashionable, except there it is, a hijab, so Muslims, Islam…]

Others wondered if the brand would go any further to meet other Muslim requirements for clothes.