May 26, 2021

-The Federalist


Amid the left’s complete overhaul of the education system, graduate students at the University of Central Florida will be able to specialize in “social justice.”

Less than a year after so-called social justice warriors defaced statues of actual social justice warriors, this UCF degree, titled “Social Justice in Public Service,” is being offered as a graduate certificate in the school of public administration. It includes course offerings in “political and economic inequality in comparative perspective,” “multicultural education,” “equitable educational opportunity and life chances,” and more. The certificate description states:

The Social Justice in Public Service graduate certificate seeks to develop leaders who can influence policy to create social justice. Students will obtain a theoretical background in social justice, exploring topics such as human rights, income distribution and the role of markets. Students will understand factors that contribute to inequity among various groups, with a focus on providing a theoretical background and methods to analyze social justice issues in public service. They will understand principles of social justice as they apply to government and nonprofit sector in education, health, transportatuion, and housing policy domains among others.

The school says the program is specifically for those wishing to work in government or political positions. Similar to this track, the university’s Nicholson School of Communication is offering a course load on “social innovation and activism,” which is purportedly for those wishing to become writers and journalism professors. The university did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.

As the social justice industry booms — with white leftist speakers able to make $12,000 off a single campus racial justice speech — other institutions have determined that degrees in this left-wing indoctrination are worthwhile. In 2016, the University of Iowa was one of the first schools in the country to add a social justice bachelor’s degree. Other related degrees include “African American Studies.” This is the case, for instance, at St. Louis University, which notably had only one student minor in the subject matter in 2020.

Jackie Shade, assistant professor of Biology at a Penn State University branch campus, forwarded The Federalist a letter sent to staff and students from the head of the African American Studies department after the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

“My job as an administrator, faculty member, activist, wife and mother will never be to protect the reputation of Penn State, State College, SCASD or any other entity that speaks in the language of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion without doing the hard, painful work of creating a truly equitable, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-transphobic, pro-immigrant climate,” wrote department head Cynthia A Young.