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November 26, 2021

-Legal Insurrection


Jordan Peterson pointed this out on Twitter. Notice in the description how they say they’re ‘reimagining’ mathematics. How exactly does one do that?

Campus Reform reports:

Jordan Peterson spots another woke college math course

Jordan Peterson, the famed psychology professor, recently pointed out that his institution, the University of Toronto, is offering a “Liberating Mathematics” class.

The course description argues that “progress” in the discipline has been “led in large part by women mathematicians, in particular Black women, Indigenous women, and women from visible minorities” who offer “a daring critique of traditional mathematics, re-imagining of mathematics culture, and more.”

The description clarifies that the class is “restricted to first-year students.”

As Campus Reform spokeswoman Angela Morabito observed, several schools across the United States are now infusing mathematics courses with a “social justice” agenda.