March 11, 2022

-Toronto Sun


Canadian law prohibits unvaccinated players on visiting teams from playing the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Sportsnet reported Friday that MLB players who haven’t received COVID-19 vaccinations will be placed on a restricted list when their teams are in Toronto. Players on the restricted list are not paid or credited for service time.

The Blue Jays have reportedly requested “modified quarantine rules” for unvaccinated players and not all of the team’s players are vaccinated, per the report.

The Blue Jays played games in Florida and Buffalo last season and the Toronto Raptors played in Florida.

While other areas are relaxing COVID restrictions, Ontario remains under restricted rules, especially for visitors.

Major League Baseball did not offer immediate guidance for teams scheduled to visit the Blue Jays in April.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, among other AL East division foes, were not 100 percent vaccinated in 2021.