By Steve Watson | INFOWARS.COM

August 11, 2021



During a press briefing Tuesday, Joe Biden said that he is “checking” into whether he can overrule the actions of State governors who have banned mask mandates.

A (pre-chosen) reporter asked Biden about certain governors, such as DeSantis of Florida, and Abbott of Texas instituting mask mandates and if Biden has “presidential powers to intervene.”

Biden responded, “If a principal in my school says everyone should wear a mask, or the school board votes for it, that governor will nullify that,”

He added, “That governor has the authority to say you can’t do that. I find that totally counter-intuitive and quite frankly, disingenuous.”

While saying he doesn’t believe he has the power to overrule governors, he added  “We’re checking that, but federal workforce I can.”


The answer to this conundrum Joe is no, you don’t have the power to do that because you are not a King and there are Constitutional protections against tyrannical decrees.

Two weeks ago, Biden also intimated he was checking whether he can institute a nationwide mandate on vaccines.

The comments came after Biden’s ruling that all federal employees, as well as active duty military and veterans health workers will all be mandated to take coronavirus vaccines.