Steve Watson

April 1, 2022

-Summit News


Joe Biden told Americans Thursday that if they are worried about sky rocketing energy prices they should just buy an electric car and have solar panels installed at their home.

Squinting into the teleprompter, Biden declared that driving an electric vehicle will save Americans about $80 a month on gas.

No mention of the $55,000 price tag on the cheapest EVs though.


Elsewhere during the energy speech Biden falsely claimed that Americans could save $500 every month if they used green energy such as solar.

The White House was forced to correct the statement, saying Biden should have said $500 per year.

Biden blamed both Vladimir Putin and COVID for high gas prices and admitted he has no idea when they will come down.

Recall that Biden himself likes to race around in a corvette, revving the engine in a sad attempt to impress his fake friends, such as Jay Leno:

When he’s not doing a lot driving himself, Biden is driven around in a huge motorcade consisting of 244-horsepower gas guzzling SUVs, including his own personal car that he calls “the Beast”.

But you need to stop whining about the price of gas, get a Tesla and some solar panels.