October 19, 2021

-National File


Two millennials posted a video online instructing their audience on how to properly use their “demon pronouns.”

Two individuals named “Jasper” and “Leona” posted a video online in which they explain how to properly use their “demon pronouns” correctly in a sentence.

“Hi, my name is Jasper. I use they/it pronouns,” said Jasper. “Hi, my name is Leona. I use they/demon pronouns,” followed Leona. “This video is how use our pronouns,” Jasper announced, akwardly giving the audience a thumbs up.

“So Leona uses they/them pronouns and demon pronouns,” explained Jasper. “So the first sentence would be: ‘Leona is my partner, they are cute, and I am theirs. I love them very much and I hope they love themselves too.’”

She continued, “for the demon pronouns, it would be: ‘Leona is my partner. [sic] deem is cute, and I belong to deem. I love demon very much and I hope deem loves demonself too.’”

“When interchanging the two,” Jasper explained, “would be: ‘Leona is my partner. They are cute and I am deems. I love demon very much and I hope they love demonself too.’”

The video, originally posted by the two individuals, was captured by the Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok. The video has received thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets, as well as users commenting their concerns over the mental state of the two individuals.

Parents across the are country challenging their local school boards over Critical Race Theory, as many K-12 school districts have implemented policies and curriculum that bolster the concepts of “gender fluidity” and in some cases, the normalization of sexuality.