VIDEO: Man seen leaping from roof to roof accused of setting church’s cross on fire

By KCAL/KCBS staff

July 8, 2021

-FOX8 Live



LOS ANGELES (KCAL/KCBS) – Police said a man jumped from roof to roof to evade them after he reportedly set at least one church cross on fire.

He’s now in custody.

The man, dressed in only shorts and no shoes, made the harrowing jump from the roof of a church to another nearby roof. He then continued jumping to several different rooftops.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police department responded to the scene via air and ground.

As officers approached, at one point, the man straddled what appeared to be a utility line and used it to pull himself to the lip of another rooftop.

He continued to scale the side of another building, dangerously using wires to reach the top of yet another structure.

A witness said the man was throwing his clothes off the top of of the church roof and attempting to push the cross over, but when he couldn’t, he tried to light the cross on fire.

It is unclear if police attempted to communicate with the man early in the incident.


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