September 12, 2021

-National File


Video footage from a nurse at the Bowling Green Medical Center in Kentucky shows hospital officials repeatedly refusing to admit that they are firing her for not taking the COVID vaccine, stammering that she “needs to leave,” and then finally conceding that she has been “terminated’ in order to get her to leave the premises.

The footage was posted to TikTok by the account @aleminnicks on September 3, and was captioned, The Medical Center in BG, KY was trying to quietly put over 350 out of a job without resignation or termination for not getting the vaccine. #stopthemandate.” In the video, the nurse is told, “You do not work here anymore, cause everybody’s had this conversation with you in detail, you’ve talked to HR yesterday…”

The employee responds, “I did not quit, and I was not fired.” The supervisor then begins loudly demanding, “You need to leave.” Eventually, after the officials call in multiple people including a security guard to the room, one man who identifies himself as Eddie Mill admits, “You’ve been terminated.”

Despite the claims of Biden regime officials and corporate media outlets that not taking the vaccine is tantamount to rejecting the principles of science, medicine, and compassion all at once, a large percentage of nurses, doctors, and other medical officials have not complied with vaccine mandates.