March 28, 2022

-The Hill


Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Monday that Russian officials plan to investigate a viral video that seems to show the mistreatment of captured Russian soldiers by Ukrainian forces.

Peskov, who said that the video contained “monstrous images” of “torture” on the part of Ukraine’s military, said the video would be legally examined to determine who was accountable, according to Reuters.

The spokesman added that the soldiers who took part in the alleged mistreatment of the captured soldiers would be held responsible for their actions.

The video of the alleged torture has not been independently verified. Ukraine claims that the videos have been manipulated by the Russians to make Ukraine look like a malicious force, but have not provided evidence for their claim.

Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna blasted Russia on Sunday for not opening humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to flee the war, calling the war a “genocide with no logic.”

“Russians do not care about any kind of people’s life or security,” she said.

Russia has largely censored information coming from Ukraine in an effort to drum up support for the war.

Moscow’s telecommunications watchdog called on media outlets Sunday to ignore an interview Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave to some Russian journalists, in which he said that Ukraine would consider neutral status as part of a peace deal.

Russian state-run media watchdog Roskomnadzor released a statement saying it “warns the Russian mass media about the necessity of refraining from publishing this interview.”