Paul Joseph Watson

July 16, 2021

-Summit News


A new video has emerged in which a South African woman points out the irony of the only outlet in a shopping mall remaining completely untouched by looters being a bookstore.

After showing electronics and clothing stores that have been completely cleaned out, the video cuts to a book shop that looks totally pristine.

“The bookstore is completely untouched, this is ridiculous, I’m not even making this up,” the woman remarks.

Many such cases!

As Chris Menahan documents, citizen vigilante groups have now formed in huge numbers to fight off looters who have been running rampage for days.

The self-defense groups are also dishing out sometimes violent retribution towards the looters, including by caning and whipping the criminals.

Another video shows looters stripped naked and being humiliated by being forced to crawl around on all fours.

Another clip shows looters being forced by cops to sing “roll, roll, roll your boat” as they roll around in dirt.

The bedlam began after supporters of Jacob Zuma reacted with rampant criminality to the former president’s arrest for corruption.

10,000 troops have been sent in to the worst hit areas to try to restore order while the unrest has so far claimed at least 117 lives with 2,203 people being arrested.