by Steve Watson

July 16, 2021



Cuban protesters attempting to escape the grips of decades of oppressive communist tyranny have risen up in recent days, many waving U.S. flags and pleading for the help of America. Yet when this footage was shown to young Americans, they were completely confused, believing their own country’s flag to be some kind of hate symbol.

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson asked students in Washington D.C. what they thought of the footage, as well as similar footage of pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong and Venezuela waving old glory, and further questioned what the American flag means to them.

The responses were mostly negative with words like ‘shame’, ‘bigotry’, ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, and ‘hurt’.

Most students were adamant that the flag doesn’t represent freedom, and were confused about why it is embraced by protesters elsewhere.

“I mean we don’t represent a socialist government…so I don’t know why they would wave the flag. I’m not sure honestly,” one student proclaimed, not understanding that those waving the U.S. flag are protesting against socialism.

“That’s a good question,” another confused student said, adding “It’s interesting to see them all decked out in American flags and everything.”

Some of the students ironically suggested that ‘maybe foreigners are not keeping up with the news around here,’ and they are being ‘naive’, or that ‘they don’t like really like understand like America like we like do like.’

One student bizarrely suggested the pro-freedom protesters should be flying Swedish flags instead.


Of course, these people have never experienced anything close to living under communism, and are constantly bombarded with the idea that it’s a good thing, and America, along with its flag, is hateful and evil.

This sad state of affairs is a result of years of foreign interventions by globalists using America as their vehicle to undermine freedom, as well as documented anti-American indoctrination in schools and colleges.

As Suffolk County College Professor Nicholas Giordano has warned, basic facts about The Constitution are being skipped over in the classroom in favour of an ‘Anti-American’ globalist theory based on ‘past sins’.