October 16, 2021

-New York Post

No cheese for you at this Waffle House!

A customer at a Waffle House in downtown Atlanta claims a waitress pulled a gun on him after he asked for cheesy eggs Wednesday morning.

A man named Candy Franklin found himself staring down the barrel of a loaded gun after pointing out his eggs weren’t what he ordered.

“It all happened over cheese eggs,” Franklin told the local Fox station. “At first, they didn’t bring them to me. Then they brought me normal eggs and I said that I ordered eggs with cheese on it. It was all a normal dispute over food. I never in a million years thought it would come to gun violence,” Franklin said.

“I was looking down at my food making sure it was right and that’s when I just saw people running. I look up and she had the gun at me. I didn’t think she would shoot then she cocked it back. So, I was like maybe she is about to do something. Now, it’s time for me to turn into Rambo and get out of there,” Franklin said.

“She was like she will ‘blow my brains out,’” he said, adding “They must have some good eggs and cheese in there. It’s never that serious.”

The incident brought back unfortunate memories for Franklin.

“I was fearing for my life because I have been shot before and I just lost a brother to gun violence.”

A representative from Waffle House told the TV station they have received a customer complaint and have launched an investigation.

But Franklin is done.

“No more Waffle House for me. At all,” Franklin said.