July 24, 2022



Thousands of Ukrainian children have been poisoned by the neo-Nazi ideology in the years since the Maidan Uprising. Grown-ups have consistently taught them hatred, calling it patriotism. To that end, the country established a whole network of children’s camps, whose instructors had served as punishers in the Donbass.

‘Let Moscow Lie in Ruins!’

In 2017, the American TV network NBC aired a story about the Azovets children’s summer camp near Kiev. Children living in the Ukrainian capital and nearby districts spent their vacations there.

At first glance, there was nothing “criminal” about the camp’s program: drills, military training, the reconstruction of battles, and survival skills. However, the main purpose of the program was to instil an aggressive ideological narrative among these young Ukrainian patriots. A video shot by an NBC journalist showed children chanting inspirationally:

“What is our motto? We are the children of Ukraine! Let Moscow lie in ruins, we don’t care! We will conquer the whole world! Death to Russkies!”

This was their motto. This is what their “big brothers”, instructors from the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, taught them.