By Ryan Gaydos

August 19, 2021

-Fox News


The Washington Football Team appeared to have narrowed down its list of potential nicknames.

The franchise produced a web series on YouTube called “Making the Brand,” and in the third episode of the series, team president Jason Wright is sitting down with head coach Ron Rivera and general manager Martin Mayhew. Wright showed his colleagues some of the finalists.

The team had narrowed down the list to three from the eight nicknames that were revealed in the video, according to The Washington Post. The names in the video included the Washington Presidents, Brigade, Redhogs, Football Team, Commanders, Armada, Defenders and Redwolves.

Fans interviewed in the video appeared to be in agreement on the Washington Redwolves nickname.

“We started out with 40,000 submissions and began from there to winnow down to a smaller amount,” Wright said in the video. “It gave us a broad view of how the public and the fan base feel about us as an organization and where they want to see us go.”

Wright tweeted Friday the list mentioned in the video wasn’t the final eight by any means.

Wright told the Associated Press in July the organization was narrowing down the list with the official unveiling expected to come before the 2022 NFL Draft.

One potential nickname, the Warriors, was eliminated from the list in July.

Wright said in a release on the team’s website that the new name will not feature anything related to Native Americans. Wright said the new name should bring in more people to support the team and that the new name shouldn’t be offensive to anyone.