By David Aaro

August 11, 2021

-Fox News


Washington state driver was arrested last month, accused of hurling an ax at another vehicle during a road rage incident in the Seattle area.

The suspect, 47, was driving a Jeep on Interstate 5 on July 27 when he honked at the victim and continued to do so as their vehicles traveled northbound, according to incident reports.

King County sheriff’s deputies said the victim took the next exit to avoid a confrontation on the interstate, but the Jeep followed and blocked the road in front of her vehicle, Q13 FOX of Seattle reported.

The suspect was seen exiting the Jeep and then immediately throwing the ax at the victim’s vehicle in Shoreline, about 10 miles north of downtown Seattle, according to a video of the incident obtained by Q13 FOX. He then fled the scene.

A few days later, the suspect was accused of yelling at another man in the roadway in Everett, about 20 miles northeast of Shoreline. Authorities said the suspect made specific threats and yelled racial slurs at the victim during the July 29 incident.

Soon after, a theft was reported at a nearby Home Depot store. Police dispatchers noted the suspect was seen getting into a silver Jeep Cherokee.

Authorities were able to identify the Jeep driver from additional security-camera video, and he was captured while sunbathing at a Seattle park on July 30, Q13 FOX reported.

The unidentified suspect was wanted for felony hate crime, felony eluding, and theft, according to the station. He also had an outstanding felony warrant for first-degree robbery.

King County sheriff’s deputies said charges will be filed.