Published:August 26, 2021

-The Liberty Daily


Washington Governor Jay Inslee wants everyone to be vaccinated. He doesn’t care about objections to the efficacy or safety of the drugs. He pretends to care about the religious beliefs of his constituents who may object to the drug, but only as far as he’s required by law.

With that said, his regime in Olympia is making it as difficult as possible for concerned citizens to file for exemptions. They included a “gotcha” questioned designed to force many into either lying or going through an extended process in order to qualify for their religious exemption.

According to KOMO News [emphasis added]:

State officials on Wednesday published new guidance for public school faculty and staffers who plan to seek a religious exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine as the deadline for the required vaccinations nears.

A new form was released that asks several questions for those who are applying for the exemption.

The form’s questions to state workers include:

  • “You assert that you have a sincerely held religious belief or religious conviction that prevents you from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.. Yes or no?”
  • The second question is the most controversial. “You affirm/agree that you have never received a vaccine or medicine from a health care provider as an adult. Yes or no.”

“The purpose of this question is to understand whether there was a history of declining medical treatment or vaccination based on an applicant’s religious belief,” Gov. Jay Inslee’s office said. “If they answer no, the HR professionals would engage in follow up questions to better understand the person’s history, such as demonstrating changes they have made as an adult based on those beliefs.”

This question will act as a hindrance for some. Those who have received past vaccines such as their flu shots will have the moral dilemma of whether they should lie in order to get their exemption. If they don’t, will that disqualify them? Probably not, but they will be put through indoctrination with their “HR professionals” who will try to convince them to take the jab.

It’s ugly politics. Nothing more. Jay Inslee and his fellow vaccine-pushers want no excuses for why people aren’t getting vaxxed. They want as many jabs in as many arms as possible, moral values and medical science be damned.