by Mica Soellner

May 19, 2021

-Washington Examiner


Home surveillance video shows the man suspected of abducting and killing 4-year-old Cash Gernon early Saturday morning returned hours later for his twin brother.


Darriynn Brown, 18, who allegedly kidnapped and stabbed the Dallas boy to death, is seen in footage obtained by the Daily Mail returning to the twin boys’ home, reaching over Cash Gernon’s brother Carter.

Brown can be seen hovering over Carter Gernon’s crib, where he reaches down and touches him, before becoming seemingly disturbed by a sound and fleeing the room.

“Other footage shows him returning at 7am. It seemed he was spooked by someone,” Monica Sherrod, who lives at home with her family and identified herself as the twins’ guardian, told the Daily Mail. “It chills me to think that he could have been coming back for Carter.”

Surveillance video released earlier of the incident showed Brown allegedly breaking into the home and taking Cash Gernon, who was asleep near his twin brother.

The child’s body was subsequently found almost two hours later on a street about half a mile away from the home. A jogger found the body in a residential neighborhood, which reportedly had several wounds and was lying in a pool of blood.

Police say the boy had wounds appearing to be from “an edged weapon” and was found without a shirt or shoes on. His death was ruled a homicide.

The twins were in the care of Sherrod, who is identified as the girlfriend of the boys’ father, who has been missing since March, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News. Their mother allegedly believed the children were with their father and was unaware they were left in the care of Sherrod. Carter Gernon has been reunited with his biological mother and grandmother.

Brown remains booked in jail on a $1.5 million bond since he was arrested on Saturday on kidnapping and burglary charges.

The suspect’s motive has not been revealed, but Mimi Brown, identified as Brown’s mother, denies her son had any involvement in the crime.

“That’s not right at all,” Mimi Brown told the Dallas Morning News. “I know my son is traumatized. I know he’s scared because I’m scared.”

His mother added that her son is a patient at a local mental health clinic and denied the idea that he would hurt a child.

”Darriynn is very kind,” she said. “I feel that he’s being framed.”