Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

June 2, 2021

-The Post Millennial


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared on ET Canada on Tuesday, where he described to host Sangita Patel the details of his COVID-19 vaccination experience.

Trudeau was asked by Patel if getting the vaccine brought forward a sense of “relief and joy,” to which Trudeau enthusiastically responded: “You know, it’s amazing, because we were talking about how important it was for everyone to get vaccinated and what a big deal it was to get vaccinated, so I thought that was all built in already. But getting that shot, really was an amazing feeling. It it it, it hits you.”

Trudeau told Patel before that his wife Sophie’s positive COVID test in March 2020 made the pandemic feel much more real

Trudeau would go on to remind viewers about the importance of getting vaccinated, saying that the only way out of the pandemic is for the vast majority of the population to get the vaccine.

Trudeau would go on to urge Canadians to “encourage” their hesitant friends and “crusty old uncles” who aren’t sure about getting vaccinated, to get vaccinated.

“It’s knowing that each of us doing our part is getting through this, because we don’t get through this unless the vast majority of the population gets that first shot, and then a few months later, gets that second shot. That’s how we get through it, and it’s something that everyone can do,” said Trudeau “…The way to [get back to normal] is to make sure that everyone, even that crusty old uncle who resists, or that friend who’s skeptical, encourage them. Convince them.”

Trudeau was given his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on April 23.