May 3, 2022

-The Sun


AT least five Brit soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of dealing cocaine at their base following a massive police sting.

Gunners from the Royal Artillery were dragged into custody after raids on military accommodation in Larkhill, Wiltshire, last Tuesday.

After the arrests, the camp was locked down while other troops underwent compulsory drug tests for coke.

Royal Military Police (RMP) officers accompanied by specialist military dog units swooped the base following a tip-off about drug dealing on the premises, MailOnline reported.

The soldiers suspected of dealing the class A drug are likely to be booted out the Army if found guilty.

While those who brought cocaine could face court martial.

A source at the base told the Mail: “The RMPs clearly had some good intelligence on what was happening and had come prepared.

“The officers are furious, the suggestion that their soldiers are dealing drugs when their backs are turned has made them livid.”

Meanwhile a spokesman from the Ministry of Defence said: “A number of soldiers at Larkhill Garrison were arrested by the Royal Military Police on April 26, 2022.

“As the matter is the subject of an ongoing Royal Military Police investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

The drugs bust comes as the Army was embroiled in another major scandal after an imposter made his way into a barracks only yards from the Queen’s home.

They then let him stay the night.

A Ministry of Defence probe is under way into the incident at Victoria Barracks.

He was not rumbled even after telling officers he had trained as an ejector seat test pilot.

The chancer even claimed to had received transplants of internal organs resistant to G-forces.

The imposter also bragged of having received a medal for bravery in the Iraq War.

Astonishingly, soldiers had allowed him in to barracks without showing any ID or credentials.