by Constitutional Nobody

June 20, 2022



We have all been here as of late. Almost a hundred dollars to fill up her gas tank. As you’re about to see in this video, this woman is having a normal one over the situation. She needs to calm down. Also, she seems a bit over the median age of people who emote over TikTok.

“98 f*cking dollars! I have to choose between buying gas and buying food! And guess who wins? Because I have to get to the job that I need to buy anything at all.”

Girl. Same. The question is who is to blame. One school of thought is to blame a combination of Joe Biden’s incompetence and Brain-Dead Biden WANTING there to be high gas prices. That’s where many Americans are according to polling. Another school of thought is to blame Vladimir Putin. That’s where Brain-Dead Biden and the people who run Brain-Dead Biden are.

“And people want to donate a thousand dollars to f*cking cats.”

She’s angry, and lord knows I have a pottymouth myself. But I’m assuming she isn’t using “f*cking” as a verb here. It’s 2022, and I’ll bet you a gallon of gas there are people demanding you celebrate their wanting to fornicate with felines. I think this angry lady is upset people are donating to animals and not buying gasoline for her. She should channel that anger and vote in November against the Democrats…

“This is the work of the f*cking religious right.”

Girl, no. The 80s called, and they want their boogeyman back. The religious right has nothing to do with gas prices. They’re the ones who want to legislate the body that is growing inside your body and disapprove of grown men gyrating in front of children.

“Listen to Robert Reich…”

Okay, we’re done here. At least she’s blaming a modern-day boogeyman by going after “billionaires,” but I’ve grown bored. It wasn’t 81,000,000 billionaires who voted for a man who told us if he was elected president he was going to declare war on the gas and energy industry. It was people like this woman, who’s now unhappy with the consequences of her actions.