By Cassandra Fairbanks

January 25, 2022

-The Gateway Pundit


A woman is suing the US Army and Air Force after being told that she needed to look more feminine for a human resources position that she was hired for.

Tech Sgt. Kristin Kingrey, a lesbian, said she does not like to wear jewelry or makeup and generally keeps her hair short.

Kingrey was member of the West Virginia Air National Guard for 14 years as both a military and civilian employee.

Prior to starting her new job in 2019, Kingrey says that she was told by leadership that West Virginia guard’s vice wing commander, Col. Michael Cadle, said that she needed to look more traditionally feminine for the role.

The lawsuit claims that Cadle said her career would suffer if she did not comply.

“The suit claims Kingey has been previously harassed over her appearance by colleagues and superiors, who spread rumors that she was going through a gender transition,” The Hill reports. “Shortly after Cadle’s comments were made, Kingey was told that funding had been pulled for the human resources job for which she had already been hired. However, the same position was soon reposted online and another person was hired, according to the lawsuit.”

She was then passed over for another job in human resources and now serves in a part-time “temporary” position.

The Hill report adds that “Kingey filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2020, according to the lawsuit, and was soon after notified that she and two other women were being investigated by the National Guard for ‘fraternization,’ or socializing with people of a different rank,” which she believes was retaliation.

“This is about what they think a lesbian female should look like,” Kingrey told The Daily Beast. “It leaves me in such disbelief. They have made this my life. Whenever I discuss it I am at a loss for words.”

“I am fighting this case not just because what happened to me was blatantly wrong, but, most importantly, I truly hope positive change comes from my case and it prevents another individual having to walk this path, because it is a very long and dark path to walk,” she added.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined in 2020 that no discrimination had taken place.

Normally, the military cannot be sued in federal court, but Kingey has filed it as a civilian.