Cheryl K. Chumley

Published: September 11, 2021

-The Washington Times


President Joe Biden just issued an order that could force roughly 100 million Americans to inject a chemical with largely unknown long-term side effects once, twice, perhaps even three times into their bodies, against their will, as a condition of working. As a condition of freedom.

This is a prime example of how government without proper moral compass and constitutional constraints operates.

More to truth, this is a prime example of how a nation without God at the helm runs its government: more dictatorial, less personal choice; more collectivist, less individualist.

After all, if citizens aren’t taking their marching orders from God, relying on government only to protect what’s given freely from God — well then, from where are citizens taking their marching orders? From government.

From an overreaching government.

From an all-too-willing-to-fill-the-void-left-by-a-growing-secularized-society Big Government.

Simply put: America, minus God, brings us a president who thinks nothing of issuing orders that in a different day, a different time, a different and more church-going era, would have been considered unthinkable.

Our Founding Fathers warned us that this nation’s democratic-republic system of limited governance would only hold fast so long as its people were moral and virtuous. And they based that notion on the common-sense fact that it’s only the moral who can self-govern. They based that idea on the easy-to-understand truth that it’s only those whose principles are rooted in unchanging, solid, steadfast directions from above — on laws and standards from the heavenly Creator, not whims and wills from human minds — who can rein in their own base, fleshly desires and exert self-control over their most carnal and savage of impulses, in fear, in recognition, in acceptance, in respect of a judgment day filled with accountability.

Conversely, it’s only the immoral who need laws plus punishments as motivation to toe that societal line.

Now look around.

Look around. The American Dream has been replaced — as South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster termed it — by the American “nightmare.”

The concept of rights coming from God, not government, has been tossed on the trash heap, replaced by coronavirus fear fueled by political opportunists.

Vaccine mandates. Face mask mandates. Stay at home, stay out of work, stay away from church, stop singing in church, stay six feet from others, stop hosting holiday celebrations at home, stop gathering with friends and family members for fun times, stay away from parks, stop going to the beach, stop traveling unless absolutely necessary, stop with the wedding ceremonies, stop with the funeral processions — these are all recent commands of government that never should have been in government’s camp to command in the first place. Yet they were. Yet in large part they still are. If fear, by its very properties, causes irrational thinking, why is fear being treated as the sane course of coronavirus action? Why are the fear-filled regarded as sensible — the fearless as dangerous?

Here’s the answer: Because we have become a nation of people led by government, not God. We have become a nation of believers in government — not God. We have become a nation of materialistic secularists who’ve actually emboldened a president to issue such a ghastly order as this vaccine mandate.

If America wants to survive and see a return to freedom, to individualism, to the Constitution and civil liberties, the only hope is a national spiritual reawakening and return to God. And we better make it fast because the tyrants and devils of the left aren’t slowing their quests for control.