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Infants Given Soy Formula Had Up To 22,000 Times More Estrogen Than Breastfed Babies

by Herculean Strength June 22, 2021 -Infowars   Infants given soy formula over breastmilk were exposed to the equivalent of 5 birth control pills and had between 13,000-22,000 times more serum estrogen. Soy formula contains phytoestrogens, genistein and daidzein (also called isoflavones). No phytoestrogens have been detected in milk-based formulas. Around 25% of American fed formula are given soy formulas, according to NACD. The Problem With Soy Formulas A study found that infants on soy formula only have levels of serum estrogens between 13,000-22,000 times greater than infants who were either breast fed or given dairy-based formulas instead [R]. A report from the Swiss Bulletin de L’Office Federal de la Santé Publique found that 100 mg isoflavones in soy protein taken by adult women weighing roughly 60kg would provide the [...]

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