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Celtics’ Enes Kanter torches Nike for remaining ‘silent’ on China’s slave labor

By Breck Dumas Updated:October 26, 2021 -Fox Business   Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter continued on his campaign lambasting China on Monday, and this time he called out Nike for refusing to speak out against the country's use of slave labor and other injustices. He even suggested that slave labor was involved in the making of Nike products. In a video posted to his Twitter account Monday, Kanter began by giving Nike credit for speaking out against "injustices" in the United States, before ripping the company for not doing the same thing against injustices in China. "When it comes to China, Nike remains silent," the NBA star said. "You do not address police brutality in China. You do not speak about discrimination about the LGBTQ community. You [...]

October 26, 2021|Categories: Breaking News|0 Comments


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