Jared Dyson

October 4, 2021

-Another Well.com


For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth – Job 19:25

This verse from Job has been one of much controversy. Scholars have argued for centuries over the first half of the verse, with some wanting to take what Job says literally and others wanting to take it figuratively. But I don’t think we have to argue about what Job was saying here to find something that is meaningful for us in our day.

Job says that he knows that his redeemer lives. There was not one single bit of doubt in Job’s mind that his redeemer was alive. The word redeemer in Hebrew is the word Goel, meaning next of kin. In the times that this passage was written, if an estate was taken into debt that the debtor could not pay, the only person who could pay that debt was the next of kin.

Job said that he knew without a single doubt that the only one that could pay the debt of what he owed was alive. But not just alive, that he would stand at the latter upon the earth. In the scripture, the word day is in italics. It was provided by the translators to help us understand the original Hebrew text. The Hebrew text here means after, afterward, or literally completely opposite of the beginning.

So while there may be some argument over Job and perhaps what he was meaning, for the Christian today there is a lot of truth and encouragement found in this verse. Our Redeemer, the only one capable of paying our debts, is alive and well! They could not put Him to an end on the cross. The grave could not hold Him.

But more than that, He is going to stand in the end victorious. How can I be so sure? Because the Bible says so. Each and every event continues to line up with Christ’s coming return and His victorious reign forever. The Old Testament told of His coming, the New Testament of His life and sacrifice, while Revelation tells us the end.

It is exciting and encouraging news as we start the week. Our Redeemer lives and will be victorious over all of the wickedness of this world.