October 4, 2021

-Western Standard


Getting all 300,540 federal employees vaccinated will be “a complicated program to roll out,” said Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer.

Blacklock’s Reporter says the cabinet has told federal workers they must be vaccinated by the end of the month.

“It’s a complicated program to roll out and then there also have to be arrangements for testing, for example, for those who can’t get the vaccine,” said Tam.

The Public Health Agency was not running the mandatory vaccination program, she added.

Last August 13, cabinet set the Halloween deadline for vaccine mandates with Treasury Board President Dominic LeBlanc telling reporters at the time that cabinet would “build the details” later.

“What will happen to federal employees who choose not to be vaccinated?” asked a reporter.

“We’re not focused on those questions,” replied LeBlanc.

Dr. Tam said the undertaking was complex.

“They are now figuring out the instructions to staff in terms of providing at a station, for example, the vaccination status,” said Tam.

“All of that is still in the works.”

Compulsory vaccinations would apply to the RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces at home and abroad, penitentiary guards, Crown corporation employees and staff at federal offices nationwide.

“Should people show proof upon entry to different buildings?” said Tam.

“That I think needs to be sorted out by the departments, but I think the concept is you need to make it operationally feasible.

“You would need around over 80% vaccine coverage to move towards herd immunity or community immunity. That is a particular target. That’s the denominator which is the total population, not the eligible population,” referring to those over age 12 who are currently eligible for COVID-19 immunization.

Tam said fake vaccination certificates was also a general concern.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters September 28 he expected to name a new cabinet this month, write a Throne Speech and summon the 44th Parliament back into session “before the end of the fall.”

Trudeau omitted any reference to the original October 31 deadline to have all federal employees vaccinated, or mandate vaccination for millions of air travelers and train passengers.