Published:August 19, 2021

-Western Standard


The acclaimed Liberal candidate in Calgary Nose Hill has a blunt message for voters – Alberta should do better to fit into Canada or “f&$# off.”

Jessica Dale Walker made the comment in a May 2020 blog.

“Canada owes Alberta nothing,” she wrote.

“’We’ have made our bed consistently with conservative governments that have never prepared for the future. They’ve mismanaged boom money and made cuts during busts.”

“Sir Winston Churchill said it more eloquently, however his message was clear. Fit in or f&$# off. We Alberta need to start fitting in. Because quite frankly, we are not as superior as our government touts.”

The Conservative candidate, incumbent Michelle Rempel-Garner, lashed back Thursday night.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Justin Trudeau has acclaimed a candidate that believes Alberta should ‘fit in or f&$# off’ and that ‘Canada owes Alberta nothing,’ when he has:

  • Ignored the Alberta jobs crisis;
  • Ruined the investment climate in Alberta with job-killing bills like C-69 and C-48;
  • Failed to fix the problematic Fiscal Stabilization Program when Alberta needed it;
  • Appointed his own Senators instead of democratically-elected Alberta Senators; and
  • Failed to fight for Keystone XL expansion.

“At a time when the country should be coming together to fight the pandemic and focus on the economic recovery – once again the Liberals choose to divide Canadians and Albertans,” said Rempel-Garner in a statement.

“I’m calling on Justin Trudeau to condemn the comments from his Liberal candidate and explain why this Alberta bashing is welcome in his party. He would never tolerate a candidate saying any other province should fit in or ‘f&$# off’, or that Canada owes other provinces nothing, so why does he tolerate it for Alberta?

“Conservatives know that a strong Alberta means a strong Canada. We recognize the vast contributions Alberta has made to Confederation, and the inequities of the equalization program, which is why we’ve committed to an equalization reimbursement for the province.

“Unlike Justin Trudeau and his Calgary candidate – Canada’s Conservatives will always stand up for Albertans.”

Dale Walker is still trying to collect enough signatures in the riding to qualify for the September 20 ballot.