Hillary Clinton Advocates Cyber Attacks To Support Opposition Inside Russia: “We Did Some Of That In The Arab Spring”(VIDEO)

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Posted By Tim Hains February 25, 2022 -Real Clear Politics   https://twitter.com/tav24news/status/1497264921674985473?s=20&t=0PBsGByDGvb9gmrTNKtaUg   Friday morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," former Sen. Hillary Clinton suggested the U.S. should launch cyberattacks against Russian [...]

Emergencies Act prohibits bringing children, food or fuel to ‘illegal’ anti-mandate blockades

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By Mia Rabson and Marie Woolf, The Canadian Press Updated:February 16, 2022 -City News   Bringing children to the antigovernment blockades that have immobilized downtown Ottawa and shuttered border crossings is [...]

‘Nobody Looking at It Could Have Believed This Website Was Real’: Woman Who Fell for Fake ‘Rent-a-Hitman’ Website in Failed Murder Plot Against Ex Sentenced to Prison

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JERRY LAMBE Published:January 18, 2022 -Law & Crime   A state judge in Michigan ordered a woman to spend up to two decades behind bars for trying to hire a [...]

Joe Biden Omits His Close Friendships with KKK Kleagle Byrd and George Wallace and His Racist 1993 Crime Bill Speech in Today’s MLK Jr. Address

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By Jim Hoft January 17, 2022 -The Gateway Pundit   Joe Biden slurred his way through his Martin Luther King, Jr. address today.  It was another rough outing for Joe. Less [...]

(VIDEO) Dem Sen. Coons: People with Natural Immunity Who Have Antibodies Shouldn’t Get Fired for Not Getting Vaccinated

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IAN HANCHETT October 30, 2021 -Breitbart   On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said that people who have natural immunity from coronavirus due to a [...]

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