December 20, 2021

-Western Standard


Fired Alberta Health Services (AHS) workers have formed a group called the Alberta Boot Project and have set up a display at the legislature in Edmonton to bring awareness to medical workers who have been terminated.

“We want people to be aware of the human cost these (COVID-19) vaccine mandates have taken,” said organizer Kate King, a primary care paramedic serving a region east of Edmonton for the last 10 years.

King was put on leave without pay for refusing to adhere to the AHS COVID-19 vaccination policy.

On Monday morning, King and 10 volunteers braved temperatures in the -20Cs to set up more than 700 pairs of shoes and boots on the legislature steps in Edmonton.

Each pair of shoes included a sign communicating the owner’s position and length of service with AHS.

“We currently have 733 pairs of shoes and they keep coming,” King told the Western Standard.

King said she worked two years with AHS directly and 10 years as a contractor and had a recognized religious exemption for vaccines with aborted fetal cells the entire time.

“My religious exemption has been recognized the entire time, but when the COVID-19 vaccines came around I was told they would not be recognizing my exemption for this and I was put on leave without pay,” said King.

According to King, Alberta Boot Project started just more than a week ago. King started by creating a digital poster and said she posted it on some of the telegram and Facebook groups calling for fired AHS workers to drop off shoes with a sign stating their position and tenure.

“We’re likely going to see about a total of 13,000 service years represented by all the people who have dropped off their shoes,” said King.