La Presse Canadienne

Published: May 1, 2022

-Toronto Sun


An anti-capitalist protest quickly deteriorated Sunday evening in downtown Montreal.

A man was arrested for armed assault against a police officer and investigations have been opened related to 12 criminal acts, police said Sunday night.

Montreal police spokesperson Véronique Comtois said illegal acts of the evening included seven acts of mischief, four armed assaults on police officers and an assault on a police officer.

One police officer and a civilian were injured in the events, Comtois said.

Windows were shattered, graffiti was painted on several commercial buildings and luxury vehicles were also targeted, said another police spokesperson, Manuel Couture. He said the protest began at Place du Canada, and within minutes of the march beginning, protesters used smoke bombs and began committing acts of mischief.

Police said they ordered the crowd to disperse and used chemical irritants to force them to leave.